New Study Proves Chevy Truck Owners are Awesome People

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We don’t need a scientific poll to tell us that Chevy truck owners are good folks. But it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Sometimes, things just go without saying. We know that grass is (supposed to be) green, and that the sky is blue. And we also know that Chevy truck owners are good folks. But even when you’re absolutely sure that something is true, it still helps to have some sort of scientific proof. Thus, Chevrolet is giving us just that in the form of a Harris Poll study designed to quantify America’s love affair with trucks.

The findings of the report are rather interesting, but not at all surprising. For starters, the study found that 27% of truck owners in the U.S. name their pickups. The most popular choice? Betsy, followed by Big Red. Other interesting choices include Buster, Truckie, and Buford. But no matter what you name your Chevy truck, this just proves that we consider our pickups to be part of the family.

Chevy Truck Poll

That fact is only further strengthened throughout the poll. A whopping 57% of truck owners consider them part of the family. 45% plan to pass their pickup down to a family member. 35% say they love their truck more than anything else they own, and 60% admit they can’t live without them.

Heck, just driving a Chevy truck makes you better looking and more popular. Or at least 38% and 37% of those polled think so. And many people have spent memorable moments in their trucks, too. 26% learned how to drive in one, 10% have brought home their baby in a truck, and 9% enjoyed their first kiss in the cab of a pickup.

Chevy Truck

The best part about truck ownership, however, is that it gives you a vessel to help others. Which 89% admit they’ve done. A full 33% have used their Chevy truck to tow a friend or family member’s car. And 33% have used their pickup truck to support a school, community or charitable cause.

Which sounds about right to us. After all, anybody who drives a Chevy truck is OK in our book!

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