Insane GMC Denali 10×10 Towers Over SEMA 2018

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GMC Denali 10x10 SEMA 2018

Forget about those wimpy 6x6s. This 10×10 GMC Denali is the truck of choice if you want the biggest and baddest.

SEMA 2018 is upon us, and you know what that means. The biggest, baddest, and latest builds and aftermarket parts for your truck are all fully on display in Las Vegas. And as usual, we here at Chevrolet Forum are there to bring you the best of all that amazing kit. But it’s only day one of SEMA 2018, and we might have already found the wildest, most intimidating truck of all – this 10×10 GMC Denali.

Yes, we said 10×10. Forget about those wimpy 6x6s you’ve been hearing about lately. They pale in comparison to this insane custom GMC Denali, which sits on an extra differential packing four extra tires. And of course, you could’t just leave it sitting low. Thus, this ride features a massive lift that requires a ladder to hop in.

GMC Denali 10x10 SEMA 2018

As you might imagine, this wild build from Time Warp Customs in Alpharetta, Georgia, required a lot of work out back to incorporate the extra drivetrain bits. And you’d be correct. The guys at Time Warp had to build their own custom rear suspension, which sports custom axles from Differential Engineering. And they’re all holding some pretty attractive American Force wheels wrapped in Fuel Designer rubber.

GMC Denali 10x10 SEMA 2018

The traffic-stopping, monstrous GMC Denali is topped off with beefy Fab Four bumpers and SSBC brakes to bring all that weight to a halt. And altogether, it’s easily one of the craziest things we’ve seen thus far. But stay tuned, because we have a sneaking suspicion that there are many more insane builds to come!

GMC Denali 10x10 SEMA 2018

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