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2000 Cavalier SL Coolant leak/spray

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May 20th, 2008, 10:53 AM   #1  
2000 Cavalier SL Coolant leak/spray

right, so i've got a 200 cavvy sedan, and i noticed yesterday that my coolant light came on. i didn't think anything of it, just filled the reservoir when i got home and left it as is. well, it came on again on the way to work this morning, and when i parked i could see it dripping rapidly from behind the passenger side tire. the radiator is fine, the water pump is fine. i noticed, though, that coolant had splashed all over the place in the area around the belt, and that the belt had started to wear through. it seems as though coolant is getting onto the drive belt and getting thrown around everywhere on that side of the engine.

what it looks like is, there's a metal tube that runs across the front of the engine, and most of the hoses connect to it. well the tube itself (i don't know what the hell it's called, so if someone could enlighten me i would appreciate it) is rusted in spots and may have gotten a pinhole or two in it. as the coolant hits the pinhole, it sprays out onto the belt and gets flung every which way.

anyone experience this before? i'm trying to identify this tube so i can find a replacement for it.

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May 21st, 2008, 4:40 PM   #2  
RE: 2000 Cavalier SL Coolant leak/spray

I had this same problem and after hours and hours of research, I never found the name of the part. Also tried a part stores and they got nothing. So it was either the dealer for $$$$$ or a junk yard.So Ijust went to a junk yard and picked one up for $20, in great shape too. There the same on the 98, 99, 2000, 2001, and 2002 cavaliers so theres a good chance you'll find one.

Good Luck

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May 22nd, 2008, 12:58 PM   #3  
RE: 2000 Cavalier SL Coolant leak/spray

i was thinking of hitting a junkyard, as there are plenty around here, but it's a matter of figuring out how the hell to get the part off. i can't see what's holding it down on the end closest to the reservoir. thanks for the heads-up though. glad to see i'm not the only one that's dealt with this.

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