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06 Impala service brake assist/traction control

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May 25th, 2012, 7:56 AM   #1  
06 Impala service brake assist/traction control

2006 Impala is showing "service brake assist and service traction control" all the time while driving. I read a post here--https://chevroletforum.com/forum/impala-14/06-impala-service-traction-control-abs-20278/ that gave some info. I realize that I will need to take it in to the dealer for check out but I would like to know a few things about these messages.

1--if it is a wheel bearing how does the car know that??? Is there a sensor that notices a vibration/noise coming from the bad bearing???

2--Can I clear the codes/messages and see if it happens again???

3--Not know what is wrong with the car I assume that I should not drive it???

4--After reading the above mentioned post (and some other info on the web) I get the feeling that this is not an easy fix??? Some people have replaced brake boosters and other parts and they still have the messages appear!!!

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May 25th, 2012, 1:05 PM   #2  
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Your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system is divided into two parts. If one part isn’t working, the other part can still work and stop you. For good braking, though, you need both parts working well.

If the warning light comes on, there is a brake problem. Have your brake system inspected right away.

When you receive the Service Traction Control message, their is a problem with the system. You can still drive, however, the system will no longer limit wheel spin. Adjust your driving accordingly.

You can use the Set/Reset button on the steering wheel to clear the messsages on the DIC, however, you cannot clear the codes within the system. Although you can clear the messages, they most likely will appear again until the issue is fixed.

I encourage consult with a certified technician for additional assistance.

Please keep us posted.

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May 25th, 2012, 6:33 PM   #3  
I took the car into the local GM dealer--they scanned for codes for the messages that I had. They said that the front right speed sensor was bad and it is part of the wheel bearing hub. So I bought a new hub at the local parts house (the dealer wanted over $300 for the hub--plus labor) I have everthing apart and I am searching for the torque specs right now.

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May 27th, 2012, 9:55 AM   #4  

So I went to the local GM dealer and they said that I had a bad sensor on the right front wheel and that they would need to replace the right front hub assembly--which included the sensor. I elected to do the job myself. I owned/operated an auto repair shop for 20 years and then I was a service advisor for Nissan for ten years before I retired in 2004--I was ASE ceritfied in all categories except transmissions so the job was something that I could handle.

When I got the car home and on my lift, I checked out the wiring to the sensor and it looked okay. The connector was plugged in and it was in good condition as well, so I replaced the right side hub assembly. While I had the car on the rack I decided to replace the front brake pads and change the oil/filter.

After I replaced the hub and brake pads I started the oil change. While removing the oil filter I discovered the REAL cause for the "service traction control/brake assist " message problem. Where the wires from the right wheel sensor are connected to a larger wire harness (under the AC compressor) a rodent had chewed through the two wires going to the sensor!!!!

So I didn't really need a new hub--only a wire repair!!!! This was a $100 (cost of new hub) learning experience!!!

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November 29th, 2015, 11:27 AM   #5  
brake assist and traction lights

I too had an experience that could hv cost me more ! I replaced my front brake pads. When compressing the pistions the fluid level in reservoir obviously goes up. WELL I believe that the sensor on reservoir wasnt getting a reading causing these idiot lights! With new pads and full brake fluid,i hv yet to hv any problems! Hope this helps someone ! Ive read alot of these forums but just not registered

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