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hydraulic slave cylinder for clutch on man trans.

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hydraulic slave cylinder for clutch on man trans.

I just bought an '87 K5 full size blazer 4x4 350cid manuel trans,3speed with granny. My question is that it is incredibly hard to get into every gear and the guy I bought it from said that its probably the slave cylinder for the clutch. Ok here is the story. The truck was first purchased by a local university for anthropology trips and such. This univ. has a practice of selling their vehicles after two or three years. They sold it to a gentleman that serviced it regularly and attended it every need. After 18 years he went to trade it in on a new truck, but the dealer wouldn't give him much for it so he sold it to a friend whose wife was none to happy with the transaction. He loaned it to my brother while we fixed my brother's truck. Six months after my brother's friend bought this blazer, he sold it to me. The gentleman that owned it for 18 years said that he has had to replace the slave cylinder three or four times over the course of owning the truck. A friend of a friend told me it could be an alignment problem with the fork or that the cylinder might need some kind of adjustment but that the slave cylinder should not be going out that often. Does anyone have any advise? I am going to be replacing the slave cylinder but I don't want this to become something that happens every other year. By the way this is my first 4x4. Everything is stock.
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RE: hydraulic slave cylinder for clutch on man trans.

I just replaced the slave cylinder and tried to bleed it but couldn't build any pressure. I bought a master cylinder for the hydraulic clutch and recieved the same result. My friend that was helping noticed that he could push on the fork and move it back and forth. He did this while I pulled the cap off the reservior to fill it with fluid. The funniest thing happened. I noticed air bubbling up, and the pressure built right up. It was like bleeding in reverse. Has anyone ever run accross anything like that. Also, do you think that something is still wrong that could make it fail as often as it has been.

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RE: hydraulic slave cylinder for clutch on man trans.

My 1985 K5 has the same set-up. I had this same problem and had to replace the Master & slave a few times. What permanaety solved it was replacing the hydraulic lines between the Master & Slave cylinder and properly bleeding the air out.

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