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1998 malibu ac cooling fan question

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1998 malibu ac cooling fan question

Hi, I recently had the ac system recharged on my 1998 V6 malibu, its cold now but the guy at the shop told me that the ac cooling fan was not working and that it should work all the time that the ac is on. My question, is this true, I've read all the posts relating to this problem I cant find one that relates to this particular question. I checked all the relays and fuses and all are good. What I noticed is that when I turn on the ac bouth the ac fan and the engine cooling fan come on then less than a minute the engine fan goes like into high gear and the ac cooling fan goes off. this happens even when I have the ac cooling fan relay out of its socket. It seams that this relay is not being grounded by the pcm "I think" I can give it a ground and it will turn the fan on, this tells me the fan is ok. The coolent level sensor apears to be bad since I have that warning light on, but disconecting it does'nt help to turn the fan on. I guess that covers it. Oh yes, since I was told not to use the ac until I solved the ac cooling fan problem, I havent left the ac on long enough to find out if the fan will come on as the engine heats to its normal temp.

In advance thanks for your help


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I'm surprised no one responded to this. Sorry, I don't come on here much any more.

The Cooling Fan should always come on immediately when the a/c is activated. It is to keep the condensor cool.

I've noticed most of the time that when the low coolant light it on in these cars, it's because the coolant level sensor float is stuck. I tend to smack the side of the tank and the light goes off. If you have a bunch of gunk in your expansion tank, you may want to consider removing the tank, cleaning it out, and doing a coolant flush. However, it is possible that the sensor is bad.

Another sure fire way to test a fan is to pull the connector off and run 2 speaker wires to the battery *one for power, one for ground*. The fan will kick on (obviously) if the motor is good.

As far as the A/C system goes; perhaps the relay itself is bad. Sometimes you can see a burn mark on one of the pins, but an internal issue would obviously not be visible. Try going to a J/y and getting a relay. I don't know how much one is at Chevy, but you could give them a call as well. With GM, there are several functions that share the same relay. Match the part numbers. A great example; just about all the relays in a saturn are the exact same. I don't think there is one that is different.

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