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1999 S10 won't start

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July 18th, 2007, 6:51 PM   #1  
1999 S10 won't start

The Truck: 1999 Chevy S10 LS 4.3 Vortec engine. 121k miles automatic 2WD regular cab.

I've had the truck for about 3 months now and had no problems as of yet. But the other day I tried to start it and it just didn't turn over acting like it was getting gas so I waited for a bit and tried again and it worked. But while driving I noticed in 1st/2nd gears it seemed to bog down a bit like it was misfiring or stalling some. I didn't think anything about it cause it stopped doing it when I drove it back home and didn't have the starting up problem either.

Then today I try to start it and get the same thing. I can hear the fuel pump kick in and the belts turn but it acts like it's out of gas or something. All the fuses seem fine tried to jump it off and wouldn't work no loose connections were found to the batter. And I can't find the fuel pump reset button either (cause I was going to try to reset the fuel pump). So what could it be? No light had came on either and up until now it didn't show any signs of anything major going wrong....

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RE: 1999 S10 won't start

have you changed your filters. I thought my fuel pump was done for in my malibu..turned out it was a cloged up fuel filter.

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RE: 1999 S10 won't start

Maybe its your EGR vavle. Mine went bad and had to get it changed out and that seemed to be the problem. When mine took a turn for the worst, it was hard starting, sluggish, and would hesitate often. Are you having the same problems? Take it to Midas and have them run their diagnostics on it. It costs something like 100 bucks but its far and above the free shucks "diagnosis".

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RE: 1999 S10 won't start

Definetly Check EGR and injector's very common issue with 4.3's

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RE: 1999 S10 won't start

I have learded, just because you hear the fuel pump kick on dosnt mean it is working properly.

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