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2004 Chevy Trailblazer Stalls and Dies!!!!

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2004 Chevy Trailblazer Stalls and Dies!!!!

I have a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT 4WD 4.2L V6 i5, it's a POS (Piece of Sh$T)

This is mindboggling, I have been having issues with my Trailblazer for 3-4 straight years. This is the type of scenario that could end any marriage or relationship. My Dad and I have been fighting over this vehicle for years.

The issue with the vehicle is listed below:
• Jet Engine Sound from under front of vehicle
o Noticeable upon first start of vehicle in AM
 Also noticeable after vehicle sits for a few hours then restart
o Sounds like a Jet Engine Fan turns on and stays on for 20 seconds then shuts off
 Interior lights seem to become brighter after fan noise stops
 No warning lights are visible during this time
o Does TSB# 06-06-04-017 from March 30, 2006 for (Secondary Air Injection Pipe Replacement) apply?
 Found in AllData (bulletin is being issued to revise the Secondary Air Injection Pipe Replacement Procedure - Manual procedure in the Engine Controls - 4.2L sub-section of the Service Manual. Please replace the current information in the Service Manual with the following information.)

• Vehicle Runs and dies
o After driving vehicle, come to a stop light, foot on brake while in drive, vehicle seems to sputter and wants to die out
 While at stop light, sputtering is noticeable after 2 minutes.
 At longer lights vehicle will die out then Check Gauges Light comes on
 At times vehicle will sputter and start to die, Check Gauge Light on, then Driver gives it gas and vehicle doesn’t die.
 When Driver slowly releases brake pedal, vehicle will jerks as it coasts forward (vehicle in Drive)
o These symptoms seem noticeable when vehicle has been driven for 20 minutes (normal street driving 30-40 mph)
 Symptoms are also noticeable when outside temperature is about 70 degrees or during Rush Hour Traffic (4-4:30PM)

This morning got in the vehicle, started it up and low and behold the JET engine noise is still there, while driving the vehicle and coming to stop lights it still dies out and did that 5 times then I restarted and ran for awhile. I called the mechanic and was told that I just have to deal with the JET engine noise because that's the design of it and that I need to bring vehicle back in a few a day. I told my mechanic the JET engine noise didn't come with the vehicle when it was made, when i purchased it or when i brought it home from dealership way back when. I'm hoping that someone of here reads this and has some valuable insight for me. I understand its 10 years old and that maybe i should get rid of it. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!

Yesterday I spent $300 for Fuel Filter, Fuel Injection Service, Cleaning of T-Body, Relearn Idle Strategy Crank/Cam. Reset Computer.

Prior to yesterday:
Plugs were replaced AC Delco
VVT - Variable Valve Time Check Value
2nd Injection Pump (rpld 3 other times for whinning/jet engine noise)
Water Pump
Fuel Filter
3-4 time put Lucas Injector Cleaner in fuel tank
2 Fan Clutches
1 Instrument Cluster
2 Times Stab Links Replaced
Basic Maintenance Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter, LOF

Vehicle today has 80,000 miles and body is in perfect condition.

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The jet engine noise at startup is normal and that is the fan clutch . You will hear it first thing in the morning but it should go away within a couple of minutes , it is just where the viscous fluid settles in the clutch . If it is on constantly then that's a problem. Mine has done the same thing since new but it goes away within a couple minutes . I think it even says in the owners manual that this is normal . Mine is a little different though as for 08 they went back back to the old style non electrical fan clutch .
You have done everything that most would do for the stalling assuming they did actually do the throttle body cleaning and reset of the pcm . certainly sounds like a throttle body issue. if you can maybe check that they did clean it . Cleaning instructions can be had over at trailvoy dot com for this procedure. I wouldn't be happy either if I had replaced all the items at your mileage either. Knock on wood so far at 60000 miles I have replaced the tires and done the antifreeze.

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