1995 Chevy Z71 Is an Old School Backyard Bully

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1995 Chevy Z71

There’s nothing frivolous or pretentious about this old school Chevy Z71. And that’s exactly why we like it.

Back in the ’90s, if you wanted to be the cool guy on campus, you needed something tough. Something with unmatched off-road capability. Something with no nonsense styling and three simple digits printed across each side of the bed. You needed a Chevy Z71, of course, the legendary model that used to be the cream of the high school parking lot crop. Driving one of these bad boys meant that you were also a bad boy. And that hasn’t changed today, either. Over 20 years later.

Just look at this awesome 1995 Chevy Z71 we spotted at Mecum Auctions, for example. Do you think that any self-respecting hybrid driver is going to clog the lane in front of you when you’re driving this badass rig? Chances are slim, unless they simply don’t have a rear-view or side mirrors. Otherwise, the mere sight of this menacing pickup is enough to persuade anyone to get out of its way.

1995 Chevy Z71

Credit the huge lift and massive tires, of course. But these old school Z71s were mean to begin with, with basic styling that just screams tough. And well, they were. With beefy off-road suspensions straight from the factory, these pickups were prime targets for modification. And modify is exactly what every owner of them did. Whether you’re talking about a simple lift kit of an all-out suspension redo.

1995 Chevy Z71

They might not be as fancy as today’s pickups, but older examples of the Chevy Z71 haven’t lost any of that luster. In fact, we love to see them on the road today. Mostly because they bring back fond memories of a very different time. A time when tough and simple ruled the truck world. Not fancy leather and high-tech gadgets!

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