Chevy Bolt vs. Tesla Model 3: Head-to-Head Comparison

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Chevy Bolt vs. Tesla Model 3

Forbes Gives Rare Take on Looming EV Showdown: Chevy Bolt vs. Tesla Model 3

Chevy Bolt vs. Tesla Model 3: the battle between affordable, real-world usable EVs is on the horizon. Both cost less than $40,000, carry 200-plus mile ranges, and will arrive by the end of 2017. But few have had the luxury of taking a spin in both. One of those lucky enough to do so is Forbes writer Brooke Crothers. And he’s here to help us all out with his initial impressions.

While the Bolt has already hit dealerships in California, the Model 3 is still in the works. A small group of journalists were able to test drive a Tesla prototype last year, including Crothers. And while his time behind the wheel was short, he gained some valuable insight into the forthcoming EV.

Chevy Bolt

The highlights of that wheel time were mostly positive. Crothers notes that while the Model 3 isn’t as upscale as the Model S or Model X, it still has that quality Tesla feel. There’s no secondary display behind the steering wheel. Nor are there as many bells and whistles as the Model 3’s big brothers. For one-third of the price, that’s to be expected. But what the baby Tesla does have is roominess, comfortable seats, and impressive performance (0-60 in less than six seconds from the base model).

The Chevy Bolt, despite its similarities, is altogether a different animal. It’s a crossover that emphasizes practicality. The Bolt is quiet, with a tech savvy interior and smooth acceleration. As Crothers notes, the Bolt is hands down the best mass market EV available right now. He’s so impressed, in fact, Crothers notes that he would run out and buy one if he didn’t already own a Volt.

So while the Bolt and the Model 3 share a ton of similarities and a ton of differences, both carry a world of promise. Early EV adopters were forced to make concessions to own such a vehicle, but the next generation looks poised to deliver a much improved experience.

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