Pro Street Chevy C10: a Love-or-Hate Proposition

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Chevy C10

The Pro Street movement flamed out years ago, but trucks like this Chevy C10 live on. So how do you feel about it?

Remember the ’90s? A decade full of interesting fashion choices is also responsible for spawning an automotive trend that you just don’t see anymore. We’re talking about Pro Street, of course. A movement that was all about looks, whether you’re talking about massive rear tires, flashy paint jobs, smoothed-out bodies, or miles of tweed in the interior. Unsurprisingly, that very acquired taste flamed out, and today you don’t see many trucks like this Pro Street 1967 Chevy C10 anymore.

We spotted the very green pickup over at Mecum Auctions, where it instantly transported us back to a very different time. A time when magazine covers were littered with stuff like this. A time when guys like Boyd Coddington made a mint milling billet aluminum into car parts. Heck, it was a time when looks mattered more than anything else. And that meant looks designed to catch your eye with whatever means necessary.

1967 Chevy C10

That certainly applies to this blazing green Chevy C10, that’s for sure. It checks all the Pro Street boxes, from bright paint to a completely smooth body. There are graphics, massive rear tires, and even some tiny little side mirrors. There isn’t much tweed on the inside, but it’s there. And there’s just enough billet aluminum to qualify.

Many Pro Streeters barely had enough power under the hood to turn their big meats. And this Chevy C10 may be a bit lacking there, too. No word on mods, but the small block under the hood doesn’t appear to have many. It does have just about every billet trim piece you can buy affixed to it, however.

1967 Chevy C10

Personally, we think there’s a place in the world for trucks like this one. But we can also understand why some people just can’t stand them. So we want to know what you think – do you love or hate this ’90s relic?

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