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2000-PRESENT Impala Keyless Entry Re-Programs

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Still not working

Posted By: mpm359 key fob does not flash, unable to program remotes, 2003 chevy impala
I've followed these steps to the "T" and nothing.

Here's what I did. Found another link saying the same steps with the exception of
1 put key in ignition
2 turn key to "ACC"
And then the steps above are the same from there.
I get into the sub menu press "prev" button prog fob hit the disp button to begin programming. But nothing flashes. I still held the lock and unlock buttons and nothing happens. It just times out and I have to start over. Please advise thank you

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relearn remote key

Posted By: rsbible2005 I just bought a 2006 Impala LT. The keyfob wasnt working. I replaced the battery and took it to autozone and had it tested and it works fine. Here is my question, maybe a dumb one. I have tried following the directions on re-programming it. I get to the press Vehicle information button until "PRESS [checkmark] (set/reset)TO RELEARN REMOTE KEY" displays part and no matter what i do i can not get the REMOTE KEY LEARNING ACTIVE to display. I have held reset down and have also pressed reset repeatedly. Am i doing something wrong? Do i press reset and hold until it says remote key learning active? and if so about how long? Or do i press repeatedly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
Hi.I have a 2013 impala.I can't get the relearn remote key feature in my cars driver information center.same problem you have.
How did you fix this problem.)

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key fob

I have a 2014 Impala LT1 that does not have the key less ignition and I also have a key fob that needs to be programmed. Can anybody help me out with mine?

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