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96 Blazer shuts off while driving

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96 Blazer shuts off while driving

I have a 96 LS Blazer 4.3, 4x4 97,000 miles( automatic ) that will shut off while driving. This occurred 3 times now. It actually just happened the other morning while I was on my way to work. As I was approaching a red light, my Blaze lost all power. It shut off. I still had my lights and radio. I left it sit for a couple of minutes, then I tried to start it. It would start up, but as soon as I put it into gear, it shut back off. This happened three times Sunday morning. The last attempt to start the blazer back up, I left it sit in pack and idled for a little before I put it into gear. It stayed running. When I got of work later in the day, it started right up and gave no problems the whole way home. Later that evening I drove it to pick up my daughter and it ran fine. It does not run rough. I did have a code for a misfire. I had it to the garage 3 times for this problem. So far the garage has replaced the crank shaft sensor, (twice) fuel pump, fuel filter, and I had the ignition coil replaced. I do have a remote start and a security system on the blazer. I don't know if this could be causing the problem or not. The garage is recommending that I have my fuel injectors cleaned. I feel that they are at a loss with this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions????

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