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97 4.3L wont start...has fuel & spark

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April 4th, 2011, 7:36 PM   #1  
97 4.3L wont start...has fuel & spark

Ok guys, here is a what I would consider a mind f***. I have a 97 S-10 4x4 with 4.3/auto. I had a little issue this morning when leaving for work. I started the truck up, let it run for a few minutes and had to shut it off to run back in the house for a minute. Came back 30 seconds later and it started VERY hard. After it started I let it run for a few more minutes then left for work. 1/2 mile down the road it just up and died on me. No sputter, no warning, just died like I turned off the key.

After troubleshooting everything I can think of I am completely confused. It has spark (checked with spare plug on cyl 3), it has good fuel pressure (61 psi at key on, 57-58 cranking), no stored codes and here is the curve ball. I spray starting fluid in the TB and I get NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. Not even a sputter. Now correct me if I am wrong but even with a little spark I should get some sort of ignition sign as long as it hasnt jumped time. Even if it had jumped time, I would atleast get a backfire. It just cranks and cranks and cranks all day.

My original thought was it was an obvious sign of a bad fuel pump because it started hard before leaving and these trucks are notorious for bad pumps (on my 2nd now) but it has 61 psi which SHOULD be enough although I have seen stranger things. I am at one of those crossroads where something just isn't quite working as it should but is still acting like its working so is difficult to find.

Like I said, I am on my 2nd pump, it is still my main concern even though the tests eliminate it for the most part. The only other issue I have had with the truck is I develop a miss-fire occassionally on the way to work when it upshifts for a long steep hill. The RPM's reach 3300-3400 and it throws a code for a miss-fire ever time it happens which is about once a month or so. Other than that it runs like a top...when it runs


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April 4th, 2011, 8:25 PM   #2  
What color was the spark? The cat converter could be melted. Fuel and spark but if it can not get it out it will not run. Try to unbolt the front pipe/cats see if it runs.

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April 25th, 2011, 3:41 AM   #3  
I've had two distributors/caps go out on my chevys so you might wanna check that out. Start with the cheap stuff and go from there.

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