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Massive Oil leak, but from where?

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June 7th, 2010, 12:01 AM   #1  
Massive Oil leak, but from where?

I was driving a fairly length drive as far as my drives do, about 350km and about 2 hours into the drive at 100km I notice my oil pressure light on. I pull over and look under the hood and I have oil everywhere and what not. I check my dipstick and its off the stick. I put about 3 liters of oil in and got the level up to a suitable driving level and fired up the engine and looked for oil comming out. I couldn't so I checked and the oil pressure light was off so I decided to risk it and try to get to a service station down the road, (25km away) at about 20km the oil pressure light started flickering and came on steady but I made it with no ill will to the engine as far as I can tell. I bought and put in another 3 liters and fired up the engine, looked under the hood and the oil was pouring out from under the exhaust manifold above the starter.

250 bucks and 4 hours later I am at my shop ready to start work.

I don't know whats there, what could go from no noticeable leak to pouring out like a garden hose after only 20km but I can't see in there cause I cannot see in there even with a work light and inspection mirror. I plan to remove the radiator so I can see right in there and fire it up albeit for a few seconds to find the leak.

Anyone have any ideas what it could be?

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January 5th, 2012, 5:57 AM   #2  
I'm having the same problem. My oil leak is coming from some sensor right above the starter. What sensor is it? I am assuming it is the oil pressure sensor unit???

Courtenays10 what did you find and do to fix your problem?

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January 5th, 2012, 7:53 PM   #3  
oil pressure sending unit

For those who are having the same problem. My leak was coming from the oil pressure sending unit. I had to put the front of the van pretty high on jack stands to get under it to see the leak. It was above the starter and below the exhaust manifold just to the drivers side of the center of the vehicle. I got a new oil pressure sending unit from O'Rielly's for abt $9. Once I had the right socket it was a pretty easy and quick job to change it out. I used a 27mm deep well 1/2 drive socket with a 1/2 drive swivel and about a 6-8 inch extension. I was able to slip the socket and swivel onto the unit and then attach the extension and ratchet all while standing in front of the raised van. Remember to be careful when putting the new unit in that you don't cross thread it. It took me a little while and some patience but I was able to thread the new unit on by hand most of the way and then just tighten a little with the socket. The hardest part was finding the hole to put the new unit into. Be careful and patient and I don't think that you will have any problems making this repair. I spent about 3 hours and $37 and that included buying some extra sockets and swivels; I wonder how much the local repair shop would have charged or for that mater the stealership.?

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