Restomod C1 Corvette Outshines the Competition at SEMA

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Heartland Customs C1 Corvette SEMA 2018

Among SEMA’s outrageous sea of builds stood this rather tame Corvette with the most beautiful paint you’ll ever see.

SEMA is always the automotive equivalent of eye candy, and this year’s show certainly hasn’t disappointed in that regard. But while most custom builds in Vegas caught our attention with flashy graphics and loud paint, others turn heads with flawless execution. Heartland Customs‘ amazing restomod C1 Corvette most definitely falls into the latter category. And it does so with one of the most stunning paint jobs you’ll ever see.

Not to take away from the rest of this stellar build, of course. Heartland has forged its reputation on building some of the highest quality, most tasteful restomod Corvettes in the business. And this one is certainly a shining example of that. Their “Specvette” program involves transforming vintage Corvette examples into modern drivers, complete with updated drivetrains and chassis components.

Heartland Customs C1 Corvette SEMA 2018

This C1 Corvette has all of that and more. There’s a newer LS under the hood, and a completely new chassis and suspension underneath. But the body and interior retain most of their original character, rather than taking things too far. And it’s all capped off with an incredibly deep, heavily metal flaked paint job that was easily the best in show.

Heartland Customs C1 Corvette SEMA 2018

Metal flake paint has largely gone the way of the dodo bird these days, but it makes a triumphant comeback on the curvy flanks of this Corvette. And it’s done in a supremely classy way that perfectly complements the rest of the build. Which, of course, makes it a veritable breath of fresh air in a sea of insanely over-the-top rides.

Heartland Customs C1 Corvette SEMA 2018

This Corvette is also quite literally the best of all worlds. Timeless, classic styling with modern reliability, driveability, and comfort. Cap it all off with a killer paint job, and what more could you possibly want out of a Corvette?

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