Rockstar Chris Daughtry Drives a Chevy

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Being a successful musician doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice Chevy.

Rocker Chris Daughtry may be an American Idol hero and all, but he is still a man from humble beginnings. Before making it big, Daughtry piloted a Chevy Suburban that he absolutely loved. Now, even with all of his fame and success, which includes a 2016 greatest hits album, Daughtry is once again holding the keys to a new Suburban. This is not a man who needs to show off, but rather a loving family man who understands that real capability and practicality are important.

Motor Trend interviewed the Grammy-nominated vocalist about his life and automotive history, and it seems Chris has always been a bit of a Bowtie fan. He learned to drive behind the wheel of a Ford, but the first car he purchased for himself was a 1988 Chevy Sprint.

What? We didn’t say he liked good Chevys.

He got rid of his first Suburban when he moved to LA, and it would take him years before he was holding the keys to a new one. In 2010, with twins on the way, Daughtry put off the SUV purchase even longer in favor of getting a minivan. Again, a practical choice, but maybe not the most stylish. Daughtry said, “Not very cool to be driving up to business meetings, or writing sessions or events in a minivan, so I decided once we moved to Nashville, that one of the first things I was going to do was get a Suburban again, and I love it.” It took six years of minivan transportation, but it finally happened.


‘Not very cool to be driving up to events in a minivan, so I decided that one of the first things I was going to do was get a Suburban again, and I love it.’


He’s in a 2016 Suburban now, and he seems to love it. Mostly. “I like driving it because it’s big and I can see over everything. I hate driving cars low to the ground and I can’t see past the hood and my depth perception gets off, so I love driving a tank,” he says. He does have complaints about the infotainment system, especially the Bluetooth system. It seems to have a hard time connecting with his phone on occasion. To hear it from Chris, “I’m such an electronics person, I get frustrated when any of that doesn’t work 100 percent of the time.”

Take this as a lesson to all you aspiring stars out there. Just because you have a bank full of money, doesn’t mean you can only be seen in something like a Bentley. A properly equipped Chevy can serve you just as well.

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