A Politically Incorrect 1966 Chevy Impala Super Sport

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Nothing screams “‘Murica!” more than a gas-guzzling, tire-burning, in-your-face American muscle car.

If you think about it, few things do a better job at reminding us of a distant past like automobiles do. Sheet metal has a unique way of transporting us to a time when our cities were different, people were different, and of course—cars, but about people’s attitudes?


In this day and age when political correctness is a huge deal, this 1966 Chevy Impala Super Sport is here to remind us of a time when fuel-economy, emissions and even passenger safety didn’t matter one bit. You know what did? Horsepower, loudness and badass-ness.

If you’re interested in reliving the past, or simply terrorizing your neighborhood in style, look no further than this restored, heavily modified and ready to drive 427 big-block Chevy listed for sale at Hemmings Daily.


According to the seller, this 1966 Impala Super Sport not only features serious performance upgrades that will make you a local drag strip hero, but even a few modern touches.

Features like 4-wheel disc brakes, modern brakes lines, a high-performance suspension with coil springs, airbags and air shocks, and even a fully restored interior were outfitted to make this Impala an enjoyable daily driver.


Perhaps you just want to bring a little nostalgia into your life, or you just simply want to get your fair share of political incorrectness. Whichever it may be, head over to Hemmings Daily and check this bad boy out.

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